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Foreclosure Defense Corp


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  Debt Relief Services
23986 Aliso Creek Road, Suite# 746, Laguna Niguel, California, United States

Foreclosure Defense Corp provides specializes in providing foreclosure delay and defense services for all property types Foreclosure Defense Corp specializes in foreclosure delay and defense strategies for all types of debt instruments, focusing on Residential, Investment, and Commercial Properties.

Foreclosure Defense Corp has developed strong strategic alliances with the Real Estate community as well as experts in the field of Real Estate, primarily Foreclosure Defense.

Foreclosure Defense Corp has specialists and partner experts focused on the following:

• Predatory Mortgage Lending Litigation Services

• Foreclosure Delay and Defense Services

• Trustee, Sheriff, and Foreclosure Sale Date Postponement Services

• Residential Foreclosure Avoidance Strategies and Short Sales

• Residential, Investment, and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

• Post-Foreclosure Delay and Defense Services

• Distressed Real Estate Services For Homeowners In All 50 States!


Our Partner Experts can help with questions regarding how to stop a foreclosure, trustee, and/or sheriff sale date, TROs (Temporary Restraining Orders), how to use various lending violations to your advantage, mounting a legal challenge to foreclosure, loss mitigation options, and advice, etc.

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